Rehabber Pro's  Selling Your Rehab Workshop and Bus Tour
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$79 Workshop Saturday October 27th 9AM-4PM 2018
$79 Bus Tour Sunday October 28th
$149 if you register for both!

Are you trying to Sell Your House Fast, but finding that Dropping Your Asking Price is just not working? You’ll see a difference in selling you house by Attracting Buyers. Hardly anybody is talking about it. But when you learn it and use it, you'll see a huge difference in your Selling Your House.

You need to learn how to Attract Buyers by actually Creating A Marketing Strategy so you can quickly Sell Your House. This changes everything!

Is your house taking too long to sell?

Do you have the right real estate agent?

Are you using social media to help sell your house?

At this event, you will receive Expert Advice; learn how to Create A Marketing Strategy, and get the resources, documents and systems to Successfully Sell Your House Fast!

Don’t waste your money by wasting time!

Estimating Repairs

We all know that You Can Lose Money if you don’t know how to estimate repairs. But what almost no one understands about Estimating Repairs is the concept of Having A Process. It's not Getting Free Estimates that helps you learn to estimate repairs In 20 Minutes or less, it's How You Understand The Process to quickly and accurately estimate repairs. If you are just learning the business, you will need Expert Advice.

Are you afraid of estimating repairs, because you struggle to figure out the numbers?

Are you concerned about losing money, because you don’t know what to look for?

In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this event:

* What the seller needs to know at closing. We will show you what’s important for the seller at the closing table….Free Sample of the HUD 1/Closing Disclosure Document

* STOP attracting the wrong buyers! LEARN the process for attracting the right buyers to sell your house fast.

* STOP hiring the wrong real estate agents! LEARN how to find the right agent and how this makes a difference in selling your house.

* STOP pricing your house incorrectly! LEARN how and why pricing is so important to your bottom line.

* STOP leaving your buyers guessing! LEARN how staging can eliminate confusion in the minds of your buyers.

* STOP selling houses! LEARN how to make your house a home and why this is such a huge selling point.

Are you looking at ugly houses, but lost at estimating repairs? I will teach you the process for estimating repairs… Free Newly Updated Checklist For Estimating Repairs

Are you struggling with evaluating houses and knowing what to look for? I will teach you the details for how to evaluate houses…Free Guide for Evaluating Houses

Are you using the right tools to evaluate houses and estimate repairs? I will teach you what tools you need and why… Free Checklist of the Tools You Need

Investor Sales Contract
Investor Assignment Contract
Estimating Repairs Cheat Sheet
Estimating Repairs Online Guide
Property Inspection Checklist

General Admission Workshop & Bus Tour:
$79 pre-register each day
$99 each day at the door

Both Workshop & Bus Tour:
$149 pre-register

VIP UPGRADE: Additional $60
Preferred Seating Up Front
Get A One-on-One Coaching Phone Call
Text And Email Support for 1 Month
Online Training Workshop On Estimating Repairs

PS * By the way, don’t forget to bring your partner, friend or any one who is looking to successfully complete a profitable renovation project, this event is exactly what they need!

Here's what people are saying:
“ Great meetup. If you want to learn about parts of the rehab process for better understanding for your own rehabs now or in the future, you need to be at some of these. Last meetup was about scope of work, estimating and lots of conversations about contractors that was very informative. Marcus and Michael definitely give out a ton of info. Lots of other like minding people there to learn and network with. I’ll be there again. ”


“ Great Class , Im glad I have joined there is so much KNOWLEDGE Mike and Marcus has on rehabbing . Also members of the group readily pass on knowledge they have gained. I have no experience so you want to be around people that are actually doing it. Im looking forward to the next classes. ”


“RehabberPro Meetup (On site Scope of Detail) First time I was able to attend and I did not know what to expect but wow what a great group to be around. Wether you are a first timer or someone with many years of experience they welcomed us with open arms, went over many aspects of a detailed scope of work, opportunity to walk through a future rehab project and network with great individuals. Thank You For your efforts Marcus and Micheal. Will definitly be attending as many as possibly in the future. ”


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$79 Saturday Workshop October 27th 2018
$79 Sunday October 28th Bus Tour
$149 for both!

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