Rehabber Pro's  Managing Your Rehab Workshop
$79 Saturday August 25th 9AM-4PM 2018
($99 at the door)
Howard County Community College Charles I Ecker Business Training Center
6751 Columbia Gateway Dr, Columbia, MD 21046
Breakfast: Danish and Coffee
Lunch Included!!
Rehabber Pro’s Secrets to Managing Your Rehab workshop 
 will feature everything you need to know about managing your rehab in this market
  • Everyone's talking about how to manage your rehab, right? We all know that it's easy to lose money, if you don't understand the process. What no one clearly understands about managing your rehab is the importance of planning your rehab and creating your scope of work
  • It's not getting the cheapest contractor that helps you complete a profitable project; it's properly screening then hiring the right contractor. Another secret to success is seeking expert advice. You don't know what you don't know!
  • Have you closed on your first rehab deal? If not why?
  • Are you afraid of losing money?
  • Are you afraid of hiring the wrong contractor?
  • Are you leaving money on the table at closing?
  • Stop being afraid of doing all the wrong things!

  • At this event, you will receive expert advice; learn how to properly screen contractors, and get the resources, documents and systems to successfully complete your profitable project!
  • Heck, you may even win the Rehabber Pro door prize!
  • In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this event:
  • Marcus Hairston, investor, contractor and realtor will be covering the following topics:
  • * How to STOP leaving money on the closing table! We will show you the process for closing deals effectively….Free Sample of the HUD 1/Closing Disclosure Document
  • * How to STOP leaving your contractor confused! We will show you how to properly plan your rehab and create an effective scope of work…. Free Rehabber Pro Project Plan Check List and Revised Scope of Work
  • * How to STOP hiring the wrong contractor! We will show you how to find and properly screen contractors….Free Rehabber Pro Screening Contractor Document
  • * How to STOP doing your rehab projects out of order! We will show you the order of rehab….Free Rehabber Pro Order of Rehab Guidelines
  • Denisha Salliey, investor, designer and stager will be covering the following topics:
  • * Understanding how to layout and design your project... We well show you how to maximize your spaces and improve the flow of the house. Free Home Contour Design Phone Consultation
  • ... And much, much more!
  • Don't miss this event where you will clearly understand what it takes to successfully manage a renovation project and be given the resources and tools needed to complete your profitable project!
  • Bonuses:
  • Independent Contractors Agreement
  • Rehabber Pro Estimating Repairs Document
  • Sample Rehabber Pro Draw Schedule
  • General Admission: $79 and $99 At the door
  • VIP Upgrade: $60
  • Preferred Seating Up Front
  • Get A One-on-One Coaching Phone Call
  • Text And Email Support for 1 Month
  • Access To Estimating Repairs Training Online
  • Attend Now…Save Money Doing Future Projects!
  • Register Now!
  • PS * By the way, don't forget to bring your partner, friend or any one who is looking to successfully complete a profitable renovation project, this event is exactly what they need!


Here's what people are saying:
“ Great meetup. If you want to learn about parts of the rehab process for better understanding for your own rehabs now or in the future, you need to be at some of these. Last meetup was about scope of work, estimating and lots of conversations about contractors that was very informative. Marcus and Michael definitely give out a ton of info. Lots of other like minding people there to learn and network with. I’ll be there again. ”


“ Great Class , Im glad I have joined there is so much KNOWLEDGE Mike and Marcus has on rehabbing . Also members of the group readily pass on knowledge they have gained. I have no experience so you want to be around people that are actually doing it. Im looking forward to the next classes. ”


“RehabberPro Meetup (On site Scope of Detail) First time I was able to attend and I did not know what to expect but wow what a great group to be around. Wether you are a first timer or someone with many years of experience they welcomed us with open arms, went over many aspects of a detailed scope of work, opportunity to walk through a future rehab project and network with great individuals. Thank You For your efforts Marcus and Micheal. Will definitly be attending as many as possibly in the future. ”


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$79 Saturday August 25th 2018

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