Rehabber Pro's Estimating Repairs Workshop and Rehab Bus Tour will teach you how to estimate repairs like a pro!
Sold Out! Our next workshop is planned for Fall 2017
Full Day Package (9-12 in the Classroom Bus Tour 1-6 Includes Lunch)
Rehabber Pro’s Estimating Repairs Workshop and bus tour is a one day event designed to hone your skills on estimating repairs!
We will go through the process of estimating repairs on a house in detail, drawing from our extensive experience. Marcus Hairston, a licensed contractor, will cover the systems he uses when estimating a project.
The workshop is taught by veteran rehabbers Marcus Hairston and Michael Moreno, who have collectively rehabbed and sold well over a hundred houses.
Here's what you Get:
  •    3 hours of classroom instruction and 4-5 hour bus tour on:

  •                      Establishing your buying criteria
  • We will show you what to look for when walking through a property. 
  • Learn when to bring in professionals to help you identify problems.

  •                 Detailed process of how to walk the property
  • Know what to look at first, second, and third. Plus what items to check that might kill the deal.

  •      Learn specific costs of the most common repair items.
  • We will go over specific numbers for each of the major repair items you will encounter.

  •          Learn how to put together a killer scope of work.

  •                   The Rehabbing Process step by step
  • Learn how to plan out the rehab in the most efficient way possible. What to fix first, second, third.
  •                   Learn what to fix and what not to fix
  • You do not need to rebuild the house when rehabbing a property. Learn what to fix and what to leave alone.

  •                    Understanding the Permitting Process
  • Learn how the permit process works. Learn about working with inspectors. Learn about when you need to hire engineers, architects, and other professionals.

  •                                              Bus Tour 
  •  Follow along with us in the afternoon as we go out in the field to visit several properties in need of rehab and put our skills to the test!

Here's some highlights of what you will learn:
  • Walk Away Knowing How to EVALUATE & ESTIMATE properties in 20 minutes!

  • Learn the 3 TOP MISTAKES All Rehabbers Make and How to Avoid - Profit Stealers

  • How to INCREASE Your ROI on Every Deal…Guaranteed!

  • The #1 STRATEGY to Captivate Buyers and SELL in Record Time…and more 
  • How to: Hone your Skills on Estimating Repairs!

  • Experience the entire process of estimating repairs in detail, drawing from our extensive knowledge.

  • How to: Establish Your Buying Criteria

  • We will help you create your buying criteria so you know which properties to buy

  • Learn: What to Look for and How to Evaluate Properties

  • We will show you EXACTLY what to look during a walk thru ~ When to bring in professionals to help you identify problems

  • Learn the: Detailed Process of How to Walk a Property

  • Know what to look at first, second, and third. Plus what items to check that might kill the deal.

  • Learn the: Specific Costs of the Most Common Repair Items

  • We will go over specific numbers for each of the major repair items you will encounter.

  • How to: Put Together a Killer Scope of Work (This alone is GUARANTEED to add profit to your bottom line)

  • A MUST: The Rehabbing Process Step by Step

  • How to plan the rehab in the most efficient way possible. What to fix 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Here's what people are saying:
“ Great meetup. If you want to learn about parts of the rehab process for better understanding for your own rehabs now or in the future, you need to be at some of these. Last meetup was about scope of work, estimating and lots of conversations about contractors that was very informative. Marcus and Michael definitely give out a ton of info. Lots of other like minding people there to learn and network with. I’ll be there again. ”


“ Great Class , Im glad I have joined there is so much KNOWLEDGE Mike and Marcus has on rehabbing . Also members of the group readily pass on knowledge they have gained. I have no experience so you want to be around people that are actually doing it. Im looking forward to the next classes. ”


“RehabberPro Meetup (On site Scope of Detail) First time I was able to attend and I did not know what to expect but wow what a great group to be around. Wether you are a first timer or someone with many years of experience they welcomed us with open arms, went over many aspects of a detailed scope of work, opportunity to walk through a future rehab project and network with great individuals. Thank You For your efforts Marcus and Micheal. Will definitly be attending as many as possibly in the future. ”


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Full Day Package classroom instruction plus bus tour (Includes Lunch)

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